Italian Paint Electrostatic Powder
The best option for metal office furniture and all furniture that requires excellent protection, appliances, auto parts steel, aluminum, etc. Resistant finish, textured and smooth paints with the highest variety of colors.

Thermosetting Powder Coating

In the manufacturing industry has a wide application, in fact, from a qualitative point of view, it is easier to apply, and from an ecological point of view, does not create any problems for operators and the environment.

Residual heat.
Based on modified epoxy and epoxy resins, pigments and additives which allow residual heat curing.
work application
Electrostatic torch and fluidized bed systems can be used - range 300-500 microns.
It is required that the surface to be painted is free of dust, grease, oil or any other foreign material.
It will be produced by the residual heat of the preheated surfaces between 230 and 250 ° C for 10 to 12 minutes.

We have the most varied colors

RAL and Custom colors.

We are leaders in coatings of Italian Powder Paint, the best products of the latest technology, first quality and high resistance. We distribute worldwide several brands and industries recognized in Europe and Latin America.

We have the largest variety and permanent stock of Powder Paint in the country, both in colors and in textures and qualities such as polyester, FBE, hybrids, epoxies, textured, microtextured, smooth, glossy, semi-gloss and matte, among others, clear powder paint.

Uses and applications

Uses and applications of electrostatic powder paint in the industry that offers ItalCoatings.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects, parts and parts

Metallic and plastic office furniture, Filing cabinets, Lockers, Cabinets, Ducts, Shelves, Pedestals, Sill, Masts, Screens, Skirts, Hardware and accessories for open office.

Business Sector

Shelving, displays, lighting, heating equipment, signs, sculptures, Ornamentation, bicycles, motorcycles, shock absorbers, auto parts, Wipers, exhausters, Locksmith, Crafts, toys, wire, Safes.

Industrial industry

Aluminum Profiles, Sheet, Pipe, Platinum and Profiles in Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled, Machinery, Tools, Anticorrosive primers, Scaffoldings, Metallurgical parts, Beams, Plates, Trays, Shelves, Pipes, Pipes, Pipes, Sheds, Silos, Domestic Appliances. Automotive parts and pieces, Corrugated and corrugated metal roof tiles, Ventilation ducts, FBE water pipes, FBE paint

Home industry

Camas y Muebles de Oficina y Hogar metálicos, muebles de terraza, Barandas, Escaleras, Estufas, Neveras, Radiadores, Buzones, Calentadores, Pasamanos, Camas, Mesas, Marcos para cuadros, Repisas, Roperos, Rejillas de aire acondicionado, Cerraduras, Grifos, Elementos sanitarios, Puertas, Portones, Protecciones, Paneles para fachadas.

Hospital industry

Stretchers, Tables and chairs, Screens, Orthopedic, Scales, Instrument trolleys, Bridge tables, Medical panels.

Electric industry

Ducts, dielectrics, lamp post, cable holders, switchboards, counters, safes, racks, and electrical cabinets.

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